Virtualdub ×64 question

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Virtualdub ×64 question

Postby Andyme » Tue Dec 27, 2011 1:34 pm


I want to convert my mkv file into avi, so I installed Virtualdub, and did anything needed to load the avs files. Everything works just fine. But... the program crashed while converting, and my laptop had this blue screen. I realized maybe I had to install the ×64 version, because I'm using windows 7 ×64. But after I uninstalled it, and installed the ×64 bit version, It just won't load the avs files, and the following well-known message appears: avi import error.

I don't undertsand the problem. When I reinstall the latest version, it works just perfectly fine. But with this ×64 version, it just doesnt manage to open the avs files. And with the previous (lets say working version) I had this blue screen.

Any suggestions?

Thank you, Andi!

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Re: Virtualdub ×64 question

Postby Pwolf » Tue Jan 03, 2012 8:43 pm

64 bit programs will only work with 64bit libraries... which means, if you want to use avisynth and vdub x64, you need avisynth x64.

That aside, there really isn't a huge performance gain for using 64bit avisynth so it should only be used in special cases (in my opinion at least). Lets figure out why vdub is crashing. Have you tried converting again using vdub? did you blue screen at the same spot? generally if you bluescreen, the OS or hardware is at fault, not individual software.

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