The bottom half of my screen is green...o_O

For help and discussion concerning the Windows Movie Maker software.
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Postby Pwolf » Wed Mar 18, 2009 9:34 pm

LuciferAMV wrote:
Pwolf wrote:If you have to install a codec pack to get things to "work" you suck...


Wasen't that harsh O_o

Yea it was, sorry. I was probably in a bad mood at the time.

Point being, codec packs contain a lot of crap that can/will interfere with other codecs you already have installed or conflict with the codecs that are in the pack (not to mention contain viri and spyware). Its a bad way to troubleshoot a problem. You should isolate what is causing the issue and fix the thing that is causing it instead of installing a bunch of random stuff and crossing your fingers :P


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