Mp4 issues

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Mp4 issues

Postby ShiroNekoHime » Mon Dec 17, 2007 4:16 pm

Hey I was wondering, how do you get an mp4 to work on WMM? It won't show up on the import video window. Virtual Dub can't see them either. What do I do?
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Postby Wolfy2hk » Mon Dec 17, 2007 5:03 pm

I'm pretty sure Mp4. won't work on WMM, as for Vdub..........never tried it so :nose:
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Postby Pherphq » Mon Dec 17, 2007 5:51 pm

I think there's a codec that supports mp4 that is H264
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Postby Kariudo » Mon Dec 17, 2007 5:54 pm

you'll probably have to use avisynth + vdubmod

IIRC, FFmpegsource can handle .mp4
Qyot27 wrote:Instead of DirectShowSource, try FFmpegSource:

It's frame-accurate, DirectShowSource isn't. I don't know if that'll cure the stuttering, but at the very least it's a better way of handling the video (provided the thing isn't VFR and you're trying to preserve audio sync).
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Postby hineko-san » Sat Jan 19, 2008 3:52 am

I suggest just converting the mp4 file to a mp3 file so WMM can use it. It's what I do and use.

Free to download, Easy to use. Try it out.

Can also convert a avi (or wmv etc) file to a mp3 (or other audio), meaning it would have the audio of the clip, but not the video.

Good luck with solving your problem, hope you can finish your AMV.
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