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For help and discussion concerning the Windows Movie Maker software.
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Postby Pherphq » Sat Jan 26, 2008 10:13 am

Scintilla wrote:Or if you don't want to spend the money for Adobe Photoshop/ImageReady, get Serif PhotoPlus 6.0 instead (freeware). Or even better, <a href="">The GIMP</a> (Free (yes, the capitalization makes a difference) and open source).

x2 gimp is a good choice

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Postby mikuru-chan » Sun Feb 03, 2008 7:20 am

imageready or animated shop

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Postby Autraya » Sun Feb 03, 2008 8:15 pm

wry is this thread still going? and wry is it even a WMM question :idea:
how many times does the question need to be answered... oh wait i forgot which forum i was in... here's to the borken record phemonenon *raises pint*
new banzors in the making :p

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Postby loveanime18 » Tue Feb 05, 2008 4:51 pm

Well I use image ready, but before I would touch everything up on Photoshop ^__^'
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Postby jenilo » Thu Mar 06, 2008 1:28 am

I have been using Flash, And Photo shop for this kind of stuff.

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