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Postby Alice19 » Mon May 14, 2007 8:54 pm

As many people have said, to get the flashing strobe effect I just advance one keyframe ahead and add a fade. (It works. Trust me. I've made consecutive flashes to fast beats) As for to reverse a video, you can always render the clip you want reversed from WMM in avi format and import it into Virtual Dub,(completely free program that helps you with compressing, cropping, watermarking, etc.) There, you can just add the reverse effect onto the clip. The problem with this method is that that tiny clip will take up alot of space in your hardrive and can be a bit time consuming. But on WMM itself, there is no real way to reverse a clip as far as I know. Well, hope it at turns out ok in the end ~AmouIsrafel
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