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Postby Wheee_It's_Me! » Fri Mar 02, 2007 6:48 am

Jebadia wrote:..Hatter, one question...who cares? If he wants to post his video, there's nothing on this site that states he shouldn't or couldn't if he wants to, even if you or I don't. If he wants to improve with practice, why shouldn't he do it on 2 or 3 more videos afterwards? He can only practice on the same thing so many damn times before he just doesn't like the video anymore and abandons it. Working on the same idea for to long stagnates the drive to make it. I belive it was Ridley Scott who said the editing process is like a joke. You tell a funny joke, but when you tell it again and again, it's no longer funny.

A hundred shitty videos are uploaded everyday here, by the time you stop this one, a hundred more will take it's place. Just let it go.

Where did I say he couldn't? I said he SHOULDN'T, big difference. And that's my point, there SHOULD be something on the site discouraging n00b posters, if not directly at least point out the harsh realities...hell just posting some stats on n00b videos ought to do it, give the average star and/or opinion rating and explain to people that they REALLY shouldn't be expecting the moon when they put something up. I recall a poster recently who put up a video and nearly immediately followed up his own post asking why people hadn't made any comments on it. There should be SOMETHING explaining what you can expect when you post AMVs, especially if yer a n00b level poster.

And again, part of the point is that all those hundreds of shity videos being posted are like a fuckin cancer spreading through the site...won't take long for the RIAA to decide it's going to be the radiation treatment.
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Re: How much longer

Postby Arigatomina » Fri Mar 02, 2007 8:13 am

Wheee_It's_Me! wrote:Here's a random thought, how many vids on the org even have more than 3 stars? Is it even 10% of the total number?

It's most of them, actually. Check the top star score section- even if you use the 'stricter' bayesian score, you have to scroll down to the 600s to find the 3.0s, let alone vids with less than 3. That's 92% of all local videos scoring a 3.2 and higher.

Or were you rounding up to whole numbers? Fours and fives are still rare. It's as hard to get a 4 as it is to get a 2. ^_^;

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Re: How much longer

Postby Cornwiggle » Fri Mar 02, 2007 9:17 am

Wheee_It's_Me! wrote:
CrackTheSky wrote::roll:

You know something that I don't think a lot of you seem to grasp is how much of a target you're making yourselves. Let me try and put this in the simplest way possible:

The more videos that are on the higher the chance of it becoming a suitable target by the RIAA.

Your actions are naive and foolish at best and they WILL destroy you in the end, mark my words. If you all had any sense at all you would start putting definite restrictions on uploading videos and how long you keep them available. For example any video that has less than 3 stars will get dumped after one year or say any video that has had less than 10 downloads over the course of say six months. That would reduce the overall number of video available to download at any given time, but it would also extend the life of this site considerably. And also, n00bs should be ACTIVELY DISCOURAGED from posting "ZOMG ITS IS MY FIRSTEST VIDEO" AMVs, since the VAST MAJORITY of those posters are usually one flop wonders who wind up piling the garbage up on the site and give this place a reputation for a repository of music "cleverly" hidden in video files. It doesn't exactly take a rocket scientist to strip out an MP3 from any of these vids on teh .org and that is VERY much what it looks like the .org is being used for with so many hack 'n trash vids. Here's a random thought, how many vids on the org even have more than 3 stars? Is it even 10% of the total number?

*shakes head*

You just keep rollin yer eyes though kiddo, I'll be the one tellin ya I told you so in the end.

Why aren't you banned yet?

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