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Postby BlaCk_PeArL_27 » Sat Jan 20, 2007 1:28 am

autraya wrote:
Black_Pearl_Rainne wrote:I remove the FFDShow and CCCP in my PC, the WMM is running properly again

Mine stuffed up (yes thank you Scintilla :) ) not because of FFDShow but because I had Haali set to split avi, uninstalling the whole codec pack is not always required (although it certainly solves the problem). You just need to figure out which parts of CCCP are causing the problem and not install them.
It's a pain in the ass to have to keep uninstalling CCCP to edit and then re-install to watch Pwaffles latest kick ass vid (shameless? at least I'm not plugging my own work minion) :P
or you could get VLC (but a codec pack is sooo much simpler that setting up all my playlists again)

Well I reinstall again the CCCP and my WMM is getting slow as I can see when I importing the video (so I uninstall it again) and I have the vcl I do only using that if my current player can't play the file in other extension though I preferred to use Window Media Player 11.

But as you said I just need to figure it out which of CCCP is causing alot of truble in my PC so I will let you know what I found out ^_^ thanks for the tips ;)

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