Lots of video skipping when cutting clips in Premiere Pro

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Lots of video skipping when cutting clips in Premiere Pro

Postby sureyoucan » Sun May 09, 2010 8:51 pm

I'm working on my first AMV ever and I'm using (CS4) Premiere Pro to do it. I'm new to everything including the software but I'm leaning as I go along. My video is originally .mkv format so I'm using AviSynth to get it into the program. I have a fairly beefy system running Windows 7 x64, i920 chip, and 6GB of dominator RAM. My approach is to open the .avs files one at a time on the timeline and cut out the clips I want to use on my AMV. To do this I use the razor tool make, make 2 cuts, and then move the clip up to the next timeline which will eventually be my AMV. I'm not sure why, but sometimes when I am working with a clip it skips. For example I can be scanning through the clip by pushing the arrow key on my keyboard and frames that I already passed pop back up in the section for some reason. The same thing happens when I copy clips. Something is definitely wrong. I looked at my RAM and it is working pretty hard (60% - 80%) with all programs closed besides Premiere. Is there something I can change to stop this skipping in the scene from happening? Is AviSynth the problem? I did render the preview but it doesn't help. Thanks in advance.

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Re: Lots of video skipping when cutting clips in Premiere Pro

Postby Kionon » Mon May 10, 2010 2:04 am


If you're going to clip anyhow, just do it in VDUB and save your clips as individual HUFFYUVs and import them into your project.

Also, insert normal comment about using DVDs.
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Re: Lots of video skipping when cutting clips in Premiere Pro

Postby chui101 » Wed Jun 16, 2010 4:37 pm

AVISynth will be slow no matter what, and it only gets worse when you have a high cpu codec like h.264 inside your mkv. You have two options to speed up your editing:

1) Figure out what clips you need, then use VirtualDub to convert them to AVI files with low-overhead frame-accurate codecs such as Lagarith, HuffYUV, or MJPEG.
2) Remux the entire MKV as an MP4 file. Use mkvextract (part of mkvtoolnix, GUI available separately, just google for mkvextract gui) to get the elementary streams (yourvideo.h264 and yourvideo.aac or whatever) and then use the MP4 Muxer in MeGUI to remux those into a MP4 file that's directly compatible with Premiere.

Also, I second the inserting of the normal comment about using DVDs. (Most) H.264 files are not frame accurate. If I have to have the 1080 or 720p version, I use Premiere to timeline, then figure out what cuts I need, virtualdub the cuts to Lagarith, then replace the footage in the timeline.
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