Is it worth it to switch to Adobe Premier (From Vegas)?

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Is it worth it to switch to Adobe Premier (From Vegas)?

Postby Sora no Honou 空の炎 » Sun Feb 21, 2010 3:46 am

I am totally familiar with vegas, but have recently gotten AE. I was thinking about switching from vegas to using premier for the connectivity between the two. Also so that I dont have to go through a render a clip from AE just to put it in the track, which can be especially annoying when you have to render the same thing multiple times just to fix something. Here are the main things that I am looking to have answered:

-What are the pros/cons of switching?
-What are some of the biggest differences?
-What can you do with one that cant be done with the other?
-Which do you think is better?
-What is the approximate learning curve?
-Finally, is it worth it to switch over and get over the learning curve?

Thanks for going through this. Price isn't an object, so dont consider it. I am currently running Sony Vegas 8.0, and if I were to switch, I would get Adobe Premier CS4.

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Re: Is it worth it to switch to Adobe Premier (From Vegas)?

Postby Êricō » Thu Apr 15, 2010 1:19 pm

I use both programs dependent on what video I am editing or creating.
1. Premiere allows you to create your own effects and using it with After Efects allows you for more range in editing while most effects and transitions in Vegas are preset and additional effects may need to be loaded using an external program. Vegas allows you to preview your videos fluently with little to no frame skipping while Premiere, you have to render your video before hand so you can watch it fluently.
2.The biggest difference is probably layout but other than that, you should recognise most of the terms for effects like keying, noise etc...
3. Premiere allows for more diversity in effects, however, is a pain to wait for the rendering. Vegas is recommended if you are not considering going too diverse.
4. I personally think Premiere is better as it has everything Vegas has and more. Vegas is more simple and achieves equal quality as to Premiere if you need only make a simple video as it is also faster.
5. I self taught myself how to use Premiere and Vegas and in all honesty, fairly easy to learn Premiere as the terminology is the same and if you have ever used Photoshop before, that makes learning even easier. There is also some fairly simple 'Getting Started' tutorials that are easily Googled as well.
6. If you want to go far into video editing/creating, I would recommend learning both programs as there is nothing to really regret about it. If your videos are simple though and you have no intention on going further, then stay with Vegas.

Hope this information proves useful to you and good luck.
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Re: Is it worth it to switch to Adobe Premier (From Vegas)?

Postby post-it » Sat Apr 17, 2010 2:24 pm

premiere used to have the advantage in the late 1990's.

at that time, Avid 3.0 was trying to compete with Adobe for MAC's
and Asymetrics Video Producer 3.0 & Compel were the AiST/Media
standards for PC's.

Premiere 5.1 introduced the Multi-Platform Editor with was the GOD
of all editors until Windows2K/ME came-out. Vegas has ruled the
price wars sense that time. Avid rules the Hi-End. Magix rules the
Lo-End. Both Primiere & Vegas are offered for $30 - $150.00.

I don't really know what your editing needs truly are, therefor your
question seems to be between a Ford/Chevy. There are not enough
differences between them "in anything" or "in any area" of editing
to compare and choose a difference that would truly matter to anyone.

Avid is the most expensive. It requires no special CODEC's to operate.

Magix is the least expensive. It requires anything and everything to act
as a CODEC to help it.

anything else is just not worth owning. 8-)

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Re: Is it worth it to switch to Adobe Premier (From Vegas)?

Postby Cyrix » Wed Aug 18, 2010 5:17 am

post-it wrote: Both Primiere & Vegas are offered for $30 - $150.00.

You haven't been shopping in a long time have you? ... hl=en&aq=f

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Re: Is it worth it to switch to Adobe Premier (From Vegas)?

Postby animemental1 » Thu Aug 19, 2010 7:53 am

I was going to make a thread about this, but it looks like my question's been answered. Woohoo.

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Re: Is it worth it to switch to Adobe Premier (From Vegas)?

Postby puremurasaki » Wed Sep 08, 2010 10:47 pm

If this is not too old of a thread...let me answer your as a switcher of vegas to adobe premiere & ae:
it takes a genius to get use to adobe...adobe is too far advance for vegas user...i cannot work with premiere yet...don't even have to mention ae...too difficult to handle.
- Adobe is too far advance in term of encoding
- Adobe required more space to run (although I heard cs5 is better at ram)
- The effects are in words and not preview on the side like vegas (except cs5)
- Color contrast is very advance: you have to take some lesson in color/contrasting to move freely in the color cycle
- Preset can be set but hard to handle as a former vegas user
- (as for me) cannot figue how to go the pan/crop in premiere yet
- still try to learn to do border or cookie cutter
- premiere doesn't offer much (such as masking) you have you to possess both premiere & ae to make an good amv
- the trimmer is way shorter and not as comfortable (to me) as it is in vegas
- you'll need a window vista or 7 64-bit @ 8 ram to run cs5
- if you consider about cracking the program (*you know what I mean), then don't even try, WHY? because adobe crashes a lot and need updates to get the bugs fix so with an illegal version, you cannot take full advantage of that.
- If you cracked new blues on vegas and plan to installed it on both vegas and premiere/ae, then you are risking for some computer crashing
- every effect in done in ae
- bringing the trimmed scene to ae is difficult especially if you have multi-scene
- etc...

T/N: As a former vegas user for 8 years, switching is so hard I cannot grasp it at all.... :nono:

- better effect than vegas
- advance 3D camera
- advance color correction
- roto brush (best thing ever in cs5) *no need to mask anime anymore, just click and it's gone.
- advance glass break effect
- 4x more layer compositions than vegas
- can pre-compose or use composition to merge masking layers
- can track (tracking) *this is something vegas have yet to do
- advance rendering
- real time preview
- super fast rendering with best encoding quality (real time **if your video is 4 min, then it renders 4 min. --no need to wait or up your rendering up all night like in vegas)
- can create particle objects without particle illusion (see videocopilot for the possibilities of ae).
- advance 3D text/presets
- easy masking (won't make your masking shift like in vegas so no need to put a black/color shadow or outline around your mask)
- null objects (this is great for tracking)
- screen control
- etc.

:up: you'll have to visit to see what adobe user can do...(although some use final cut pro for apple/mac user).

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Re: Is it worth it to switch to Adobe Premier (From Vegas)?

Postby Kaream » Fri Oct 08, 2010 3:27 am

Not really. If you feel more comfortable with Vegas then just stick to it. And you can always import Vegas files in AE.
I use both, but I prefer Vegas because it's more flexible for me.
In the end, pretty much the same shit, different toilet.

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Re: Is it worth it to switch to Adobe Premier (From Vegas)?

Postby Enigma » Fri Oct 08, 2010 1:17 pm

Fucking necroposts

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