Reinstalling Premiere 6.x From Non-CD Backup

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Reinstalling Premiere 6.x From Non-CD Backup

Postby Kionon » Thu Feb 15, 2007 5:29 pm

I'm back in Dallas for the time being, and although I brought my computer, I did not bring my software. When Windows farked and died, I had to reinstall. Luckily, I always keep my windows disk on hand, because not having an editing suite is a lot less important than not having an operating system.

Now, in my case, I have a legal copy of Premiere, and what I wish to share, you should only use for legal copies. Now that we're clear on that, I would like to show you how to reinstall Premiere 6.x from a non-CD backup (that is, the progam files folder your premiere is located in).

In my case, I copied everything from the harddrive I needed to reformat to an external drive in a file marked "old windows." I then reinstalled windows.

But wait... Oh noes. I'm without the installation software, and without it the registry can't be updated, so merely copying and pasting the old premiere folder isn't going to work! So:

1. Download a legal copy of the Adobe Premiere 6.x Trial Version from the Adobe website here: ...

2. Install it on your harddrive.

3. Run it to make sure it works, then close it.

4. Copy old premiere files into the new premiere folder in your new program files.

5. Rerun program and check to see if your information appears as it should (ie, registration info, and serial number).

6. If it does, and no trial screen pops up, you have your old premiere back, settings and all!


P.S. Mods, can I have a sticky, pretty please with a cherry on top?

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