Using Pro 2.0 for the first time

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Using Pro 2.0 for the first time

Postby McDoogle-san » Sat Feb 10, 2007 7:00 pm

I just got Adobe a few weeks back and have no idea on how to use it, littrially, not a clue, i know how to take and place clips and thats pretty much it.

Also i seem to have a small viewing problem and a importing problem. The Viewing problemis that whenever i try to play what ive done so far, it either doesnt play or goes extreamly slowly and there really is no point in playing it. I think its my RAM but im not too sure, it wont be anythign eles because my GC has very little tod o with it and my CPU is a Intel Celeron D 3.3Ghz, i do only have 512mb DDR pc2100 Ram though.
The Import problem is that if i import episodes, it always takes up the same amount that the episodes takes up again, so to import it takes up 20-30GB for bleach, i simply dont have enough room to keep doing it, i only have 2x80GB HDD.

Ive already Looked in google for Tutorials for it and did get some results but im still very uneasy about using it, any links to good Tutorials would be greatly apreciated. And any help on my Problems would also be greatly apreciated.

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