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After Effects Render Farms

Postby DJ_Izumi » Thu Dec 14, 2006 3:39 pm

I'm wondering what the best tactic to do multi-machine rendering in AE is. I know AE itself has a multi-machine setup but... Well, it's a bitch. A pain in the ass to get going and it copies all the stuff to a unified directory just so you can get going. It just wasn't pleasent.

There was X-Factor by Gridiron, but it only supports up to 6.5, and the company has decided that with the difficulty there would be to upgrade the software to 7.0 and with the advent of multi-CPU machines, the software isn't needed anymore. It's been discontinued. :/

So I'm open to any suggestions to -easily- get my AE7 using multiple machines to make my experiance, ya know, a lot faster. @_X

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