AE CS6: Twitch Vs. Layer-Push (?)

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AE CS6: Twitch Vs. Layer-Push (?)

Postby JonnyPhoenyx » Tue Oct 23, 2012 11:21 am

Hey gang,
I was watching some AMVs recently (links below) and was curious about some effects. Mainly is the achieved effect a twitch combination like slide/blur, or simply one layer pushing another out of the way with motion blur applied (possibly a mixture of both?).
I have AE and Pr CS6 and twitch.

Legend of Korra - The Revelation:
00:34 - 00:50 (several transitions, but all very similar)

Highschool of the Dead - War of Change
00:41 - 00:45 / 00:51 - 01:01
This one I'm sure is twitch, but I have no idea how he was able to get it so precise since it's basically a random seed generator.

If it's a layer push (not sure if that's the best term), would you just parent the layers to a null object and add motion blur? (Where could I find a specific tutorial?) If it's twitch, how can you achieve such a precise effect to time with the music? I've watched through Andrew Kramer's tutorials, but I'd like something more specific - not just randomly generating and hoping I get lucky. :/
Please and thank you! :D

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