Best kind of cleaned footage for Premier Pro CS5?

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Best kind of cleaned footage for Premier Pro CS5?

Postby Aurealis » Fri Oct 14, 2011 1:10 am

Hey all. I'm a starting editor who has the necessary tools, but not the knowledge.

I've been saving up some money to buy blu-ray & DVDs for my editing process (so I can rip the footage) and I've also invested in Premier Pro CS5 after getting a hefty discount through my school.

So now.. what would be the best kind of video file to edit with in Premier Pro CS5?

I wanted to know, because I'm confused whether I should be..

1) taking CLIPS that I want to edit with in AviSynth & VirtualDubMod after cleaning the footage (lossless, huffyuv, etc?)

2) CONVERTING entire episodes and then editing with said episodes (or OAVs, etc) in my Premiere Pro.

I've heard from various friends that one of the most important steps in making an AMV is cleaning and preparing the footage so that my film quality is top notch (because hey, even if my editing's not that great in the beginning, good to have squeeky clean footage right?)

So help me out! What should I be doing with my ripped (or, will be ripped) footage?

Thanks in advance!

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Re: Best kind of cleaned footage for Premier Pro CS5?

Postby Pwolf » Sat Oct 15, 2011 1:48 am

depends on what you want to do... Personally I deal with my sources as a whole disk. So when I rip the dvd, I import the whole dvd (either via avisynth or convert it to lagarith/huffyuv/utvideo). I've done the clipping method before also. Just depends on what you think is better for your workflow. try both out and decide.

Your friends are also wrong. cleaning and preping isn't the most important. It's definately something you should pay attention to but not the most important. Since you're just getting started, I would completely remove "cleaning" out of the equation. At most you should be deinterlacing and/or IVTC your sources (if needed). Read up on the guides we have about it. After that, just start editing. If you get too hung up on trying to learn how to clean your sources and whither or not you should be clipping or editing whole episodes, you'll overlook the more important aspects of the hobby, which is the editing. You can have the best looking source but if your editing sucks, its not going to matter :P

Hope that helps.

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Re: Best kind of cleaned footage for Premier Pro CS5?

Postby SuijinReflx » Tue Jan 03, 2012 6:38 am

Personally i edit with whole episodes and series but the other method of running it through avisynth might be better. This question really depends on your editing style and prefernces.

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