Premier CS3 audio cuts out

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Re: Premier CS3 audio cuts out

Postby ngsilver » Wed Mar 30, 2011 1:42 am

So after more testing, it seems that it is only happening when I render the preview for the timeline. Doesn't matter what codec I use. I have removed the video preview files and left the audio peak files, which reproduced the issue. However when I remove the peak files the issue doesn't show up.

So it seems like it's the audio render that is the cause. Though it seems to only crop up after I render the audio once, but then make changes. Since the audio render doesn't change it may be old preview files causing this. For the most part I can work without preview, though a few spots in this vid right now it'd be nice to render that part of the timeline beforehand...

I've been planning on upgrading to CS5 for a while. So for the time being I think I've found a workable work around. If I come across other fixes I'll let ya'll know in case anyone else gets this issue. Thanks for the help guys.
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