Problems Exporting/Encoding with CS4 Premiere

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Problems Exporting/Encoding with CS4 Premiere

Postby uchihaclan13 » Sat Jun 05, 2010 11:31 pm

ERGH! I'm have a heck of a time Adobe Encoder and Premiere. I just finished my AMV and I want to make it into a vid ASAP. Here are my problems.

I have a pretty decent computer, but it's not that well-built for a media editor. When it starts rendering and/or encoding, it eventually crashes or freezes. I need to use a CPU affinity equalizer like Priffinity to help it out, but I don't know if it damages the work at all.

Also, when it encodes, I CAN'T complete the video, AT ALL! It freezes and crashes just like above. I've only completed a video once, but it was only a tiny chunk of it, and that tiny chunk was encoded with Lagarith, it turned out looking horrible! It had green frames and everything! Is it supposed to look like that as a lossless vid?

Is there ANY way I can solve this matter? Any good codecs? etc? Also I heard CS3 was better than CS4, that true? Please help ASAP!

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Re: Problems Exporting/Encoding with CS4 Premiere

Postby Panky » Sun Jun 06, 2010 10:09 pm

If project always crashes always at the same time of exporting a video, it can be because there is an effect/plugin causing some kind of a mess at that point of the sequence.
About green frames. That sound likes problems at the moment of the encoding. In my case, it often happened when using many other apps or cpu-consuming programs. And sometimes it just may be bad luck. Restarting the computer and trying once again can solve the problem.
Someone could also think it's a problem on the encoding settings or the input files, but that seems even more unlikely.

And about CS4 and CS3. I believe you can call CS4 a more stable build of Premiere pro, although you need better pc specs. to make it that way. I have seen in the CS4 trial that having both Encoder and Premiere Pro open will "open" the input files twice, so you should open up only Encoder when wanting to export some project. Oh, and I believe there are times where even after closing Premiere, the process will still be open and consuming RAM, but maybe that's fixed with a prior update (or maybe it was just my problem).

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