Trimming lag in Premiere Pro CS6

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Trimming lag in Premiere Pro CS6

Postby Cannonaire » Wed Dec 05, 2012 4:22 am

I recently switched to Premiere Pro CS6 after using Vegas for a couple years. I love everything about it except for a single problem:
When I trim footage (lengthen/shorten the clips) specifically in the timeline, the program monitor lags. I think the best way to describe the problem is it's like using a slow computer and smooth scrolling in a graphic-heavy browser window; you tell it to scroll, but the preview window takes its sweet time in getting to the spot you are on. It seems that instead of jumping to the frame you have dragged the in/out point to in your trim, it renders every frame in between and makes sure you see all of them, even if you just want to see precisely the frame you are on. I have been unsuccessful in finding any option to change this behavior.

I know the problem is not with the footage because there is no such lag when trimming in the trim monitor or in trim mode, but I do not always want to trim that way. I have also tried a couple different codec/file formats and experience the same issue with both. For reference, I mainly edit standard definition material encoded with UTVideo. The problem also persists whether the footage is on a traditional 7,200rpm HD or an SSD (Samsung 830).

I am using the latest version of the software and my system has a Core i5 3570 and 16GB ram.

I would appreciate any help anyone is able to give. Does anyone else have the same issue?
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Re: Trimming lag in Premiere Pro CS6

Postby Brad » Wed Dec 05, 2012 12:39 pm

That's a pretty tough one. I'd suggest taking it to the Adobe forums themselves or asking @AdobePremiere on Twitter (their social team tends to jump on questions consistently throughout the day and are quite helpful. At least the AE guys are).
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