Virtualdubmod support

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Virtualdubmod support

Postby hydrax » Mon Nov 27, 2006 6:56 am

How can I get virtualdubmod to support .rmvb files? I have tried downloading realalternative and the official one, but no luck.
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Postby Kariudo » Mon Nov 27, 2006 10:40 am

why would you want to use .rmvb files?
in all seriousness (disregard the rule about using fansubs for the moment)...anything you get from .rmvb will be little more than a bunch of macroblocks, don't try to use it.

short answer: you can't. It's been added to the support request list, but the last update was done in Febuary
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Postby Moonie » Mon Nov 27, 2006 1:41 pm

you can probally do it with graphedit
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