rendering out final hd anamorphic 1440x1080

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rendering out final hd anamorphic 1440x1080

Postby ExSphere » Wed Jun 15, 2011 1:08 am

So im still a little puzzled on this subject.
I renderd out the video as 1440x1080 and when i play it in vlc it has black bars on the left and right side. I through that exact same file i just renderd out that had the black bars back in premiere and they didn't show up. is going on, and why am i going insane.
thx in advance for info |:>
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Re: rendering out final hd anamorphic 1440x1080

Postby BasharOfTheAges » Wed Jun 15, 2011 11:05 am

Are the bars actually present if you manually re-size the window? If so, the timeline's settings might be for a smaller resolution than the file going into it, and it's cropping them in the frame. If not, your VLC might be set to maintain an aspect ratio that is wider than your frame.

Also worth looking at is if the original file had the bars there to begin with - especially if you were resizing at all.

Is the AR actually correct? Do you have proper AR PLUS additional bars?
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Re: rendering out final hd anamorphic 1440x1080

Postby Kawatta-kun » Thu Jun 16, 2011 5:48 pm

At premiere, don't forget to select "Output", when exporting. That one shows wat comes out of it.
Then check about pixel size (or wtv it is called, don't have right now the program open).
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Re: rendering out final hd anamorphic 1440x1080

Postby Mister Hatt » Wed Jun 22, 2011 10:52 pm

I like how NOBODY assumes that VLC is just either broken or being it's usual shit self. Try in a player that actually works before assuming you did something wrong if it all seems correct. Another thing to look at is if you used PAR or DAR to make it anamorphic, it is a big difference and if you went with DAR, then you might want to re-evaluate your container choice and check the mux.
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