HD anamorphic, 1440x1080 and much more

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HD anamorphic, 1440x1080 and much more

Postby ExSphere » Wed May 25, 2011 3:10 am

I'm currently doing a short film for a school project shooting on a mind DV tape. Once I capture the footage in premiere using HDV it captures in HD anamorphic pixel ration 1.333, 1440x1080, 29.97. Now this is all fine and dandy with me if that's how it wants to roll. My problem is I don't want to edit the project in class, i'd much rather do it at home. My only way to bring the footage to my house is to render out the footage I captured to a hard drive. when I exported it I renderd it out to 1440x1080, but instead of looking 16:9 as it did in the file project it looked 4:3.
Should I re export it to 1920x1080? or keep it the same?

On a side note, I tried just using the mpeg file it captured, but that doesn't seem to work on my version of premiere at my place. Could this be because my codecs need to be updated? or does premiere just not like mpeg files.

thanks in advance for any tips, or solutions to my dilemma.

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Re: HD anamorphic, 1440x1080 and much more

Postby mirkosp » Wed May 25, 2011 3:30 am

1440x1080 with 1.333 Pixel Aspect Ratio means that it gets stretched to 1920x1080 during playback (it's what is also called an AR flag).
So even if it looks 4:3, it's fine, because 1440x1080 is a 4:3 resolution, just when importing the footage in premiere, right click it and tell premiere to assume it has a 1.333 par flag, and it'll get it right.
You can of course stretch it to 1920x1080 yourself, however you'll just inflate filesize quite a bit for no actual detail gain, so that's your call.

Mpeg files should be fine in premiere, however, what with lossy editing and all, I'd say that, if they are mpeg-2, you should just index them with dgindex and treat them as if they were a DVD, so to speak.
If by mpeg you actually meant mpeg-4 AVC (which would make sense too), then you could try remuxing them to mkv and using ffvideosource on that or, if you have hardware and/or money to spend, try DGDecNV or DGAVCDecDi.
After that you just make the avs as usual and edit like you're used to for AMVs.

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Re: HD anamorphic, 1440x1080 and much more

Postby Mister Hatt » Thu May 26, 2011 3:17 am

Are you sure it's MPEG and not DV? ffms2 can handle DV, but so should Premiere. Assuming you're capturing from analog tapes, may as well just capture in some lossless format to begin with, even if it is a little large. Anamorphic is easy enough to handle so not sure what the problem is there.

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