Converting MKV files so their usable in Sony Vegas

If you have questions about compression/encoding/converting look here.
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Re: Converting MKV files so their usable in Sony Vegas

Postby Vanity » Thu Jul 14, 2011 2:13 am

Phantasmagoriat wrote:Behold. A Summary:
For reference, you can Read <a href=>ErMaC & AbsoluteDestiny's Friendly AMV Guides</a> | Alternative

I. Download AMVapp
    a. UnZip contents (1)(2)(3)
    b. Install the following (4):
      - avisynth
      - avspluginspack
      - avspmod
      - virtualdub
      - utvideo codec (5)
II. Open your footage with AvsPmod (6)
    a. If directshowsource() is present, it is preferred to replace with ffvideosource()
    b. Make any desired changes (7)
    c. Save your script and close AvsPmod (8)
III. Open your script with VirtualDub (9)
    a. Video > Compression > Ut Video Codec YUV420 > ok
    b. Video > Fast recompress
    c. Mark off the Start and End points of the segment you want (10)
    d. File > Save as avi... (11)(12)
    e. If you want to save multiple clips in a row without waiting for each clip to render:
      - File > Queue as Batch Operation > Save as Avi... (or Ctrl+Shift+F7)
      - Then once you are ready: File > Job Control > Start
    f. Wait for all clips to render, then close vdub
VI. Edit your AMV using your Lossless .avi file(s) (13)(14)(15)(16)

(1) It might be useful to have File Extensions showing-- like "" (Google how)
(2) Right-click > extract...
(3) At this point, you can delete the .zip if you want...
(4) If possible, right-click > run as admin...
(5) for 32-bit Windows install just x86; for 64-bit Windows, install x86 then x64
(6) File > Open... (Note: for DVD's, you have to 1. rip the .vob's; 2. index them; then 3. open the .d2v indexes with AvsPmod.)
(7) (possibly optional): crop/resize, remove interlacing, framerate adjustments, cleaning etc... (some possible script lines)(See the guide above for details)
(8) It may be worth noting that an AviSynth script is nothing more than a text file with an avs extension. So if your computer has File Extensions showing, you could forgo this whole step by right-clicking in Windows > New Text Document.txt > Change the .txt extension to .avs > Open > Type your commands > Save
(9) If using ffvideosource for the first time, it may take a while to create the .ffindex file (don't delete it)
(10) By scrolling the bar and using the two rightmost buttons (Mark In and Mark Out)
(11) You can save the whole episode by not marking off Start/End-points
(12) Make sure you have enough disc space (save a small test clip for a size estimate)
(13) Using the Lossless .avi files is the recommended method, but there are two alternatives
(14) Be sure to convert your audio to Uncompressed .wav as well (try Audacity).
(15) Try to set up your project so your input/timeline/export framerates and resolutions all match
(16) Maybe browse through some resources to get your creative juices flowing.

(Remember to Export your final AMV as a big Lossless/Uncompressed .avi and compress it with Zarx264gui afterwards)

To anyone reading this, let me know how things work out. In the end, I would like to create a set of instructions that is short, reliable, and to the point-- so that anyone who wants to create an AMV can, regardless of experience or interest in the technical side of Video Production.

Iloveyou. iforgot all this=] <3

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Re: Converting MKV files so their usable in Sony Vegas

Postby Phantasmagoriat » Mon Jul 18, 2011 5:25 pm

yeah, i<3metoo
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