Manga Music Video: any ideas for effects?

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Manga Music Video: any ideas for effects?

Postby Eek-1 » Sat Jul 06, 2002 7:01 pm

My friend and I are doing a music video (fun, romantic and comedy, kinda like Petro's "Dedicated to Sarah") using scans from a certain Manga (I"s to be exact.) Right now it contains very few animation and looks very dull. We may need to see some more examples before we can continue.

Anyone here knows a AMV that contain mangascans? I've seen an Angel Sanctuary vid done by MindEclipse but that one only used some simple motion effects. Others?

Or, if anyone here have some ideas for effects then feel free to suggest thanx ^^

I could post some sample .avi that we've made, but later.

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One of melezov's videos uses mangascans.

Postby KLin » Sat Jul 06, 2002 8:38 pm

Although his is a Hellsing video so it's not really Romantic and definately not comedic. There's a good romantic/dramatic Violinist of Hameln video that doesn't use mangascans, but does have several still shots because there are several still shots in the anime. (Due to either a lack of budget or perhaps for dramatic effect.) Both use these use the still pictures to good and unique use however.

The urls are as follow:

melezov's Pater Noster (direct link)

Hameln archive (indirect link, enter the site, go to the download section, right-click the video image and save target.)[/url]

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