This forum is for the sharing of AMV ideas and for help finding clips in anime to use in AMVs.
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Postby Heero_Yuy84 » Sat Aug 17, 2002 12:52 pm

Ok...ever find that song that could make an excellent AMV but you can't come up with an anime to match it I just hit on a couple of them...can anyone think of animes that could go with:

Only A Dream Away by George Harrison
Something In The Air by David Bowie
True Faith by New Order
What's On Your Mind by Information Society
Take My Hand by Toto (end credits to "Dune")

Any ideas?

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Postby priuscomet » Sun Aug 18, 2002 2:34 am

hmm...i am unfamiliar with those songs...

but only a dream sounds nice. i've only one suggestion for that since the title is perfect for that anime... i know not the context of the song but i'm judging solely on the title... but Onegai Teacher is a anime to do to that song if the song really is 'only a dream'....

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