We need a Star Wars 2 AMV

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Bushido Philosopher
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Postby Bushido Philosopher » Wed Jul 24, 2002 11:28 pm

just one question...?

what is the point of non-anime mv's on this site....
i mean, the name says ANIME MUSIC VIDEOS people!!!

i understand that i would want to broaden my horizons and be open-minded abotu things, but it's kinda stupid putting something like Star Wars on an ANIME site. I would go to a STAR WARS music video site to get a STAR WARS music video, yeesh. in comparison, it would be like the other way around with anime being on a star wars site -- totally out of place!!

and even putting an anime OST to a non-anime source is a little bit of a stretch.

oh well, go figure.....
do what you want, just that it's a little bit odd to do that.
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Postby imadude » Thu Jul 25, 2002 5:22 am

Star wars has always sucked i hate that all my family and friends like those fuckin dumb movies but i gotta admit though the Fetts (Boba and Jango) do kik ass

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Don't hurt me...but...

Postby Yuna » Fri Jul 26, 2002 9:14 pm

I hope this doesn't offend anyone, but I recently completed a Star Wars Episode I and II music video. I returned from seeing the film and just couldn't get it out of my head, and later on while I was listening to some music this one song just hit me - it fit the movie so well in terms of the story of Anakin and Padme thus far, and I couldn't resist making it. I wasn't going to post it on the a-m-v.org site since it isn't an anime music video, but if anyone's interested in seeing it just send me a message over ICQ or AIM or something like that, and I'll be happy to pass it on to you.

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