I have a good idea for an amv

This forum is for the sharing of AMV ideas and for help finding clips in anime to use in AMVs.
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I have a good idea for an amv

Postby MrMuffinMan69 » Tue Jul 30, 2002 7:29 pm

I think that AFI's-God called in sick today would make a good amv for 1 of the following animes 1. Vampire Hunter D
2. Possibly Bebop (the more dramatic scenes)
3. Evangelion
4. Ghost in the Shell
You may think that some of these suggestions are real shitty , but if not here are the lyrics to the song and feel free to use my idea. :wink:

let's admire the pattern forming. murderous filigree. i'm caught in the twising of the vine. go ascend with ivy, climbing. ignore and leave for me the headstone crumbling behind. i can't help my laughter as she cries. my soul brings tears to angelic eyes. let's amend the classic story, close it so beautifully, i'll let animosity unwind. steal away the darkened pages, hidden so shamefully. i'll still feel the violence of the lines. i can't stand my laughter as they cry. my soul brings tears to angelic eyes. and miles away my mother cries. omnipotence, nurturing malevolence.

Lyrics By Davey Havok

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