I need help finding music

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I need help finding music

Postby mjgamer » Sun Aug 04, 2013 12:19 pm

I'm just starting on my first amv and I'm going to make it about one piece. I've searched for literally hours trying to find a good song that would go along with what I'm trying to do. Currently I'm looking for a song (when i say song i mean just instrumental so keep in mind that the actual music is more important to me than the vocals) that has a somewhat upbeat beginning (not as upbeat as the soundtrack for the shire in LOTR) and then after about 30 seconds a sad drop. Does anyone have any suggestions for me?

If it helps anyone think of some music then I'm going to explain what is going on in the amv. It's going to start with ace sabo and luffy having fun, becoming brothers, and then sabo
Spoiler :
. After the sad drop with sabo it will change to luffy and ace standing on the cliff saying to live life with no regrets and luffy crying, saying that he will become stronger to protect those that he cares about. The shot goes to luffy on his fight to try and save ace on his way through impel down and in marine ford.

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