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This forum is for the sharing of AMV ideas and for help finding clips in anime to use in AMVs.
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Idea sharing / discussing

Postby zibbazabba905 » Sat Mar 17, 2012 1:19 pm

So I've been having a crapton of ideas, but I've already started six or so of them, so these will probably never happen anyway...
I've always been thinking 'what if someone takes my idea?!?!' but everyone's already got their own backlog of ideas, so even if they do, that just means it gets done! I'm not a big fan of making requests (I've only done it once) and it never turns out the way you wanted it to...that's the main reason I edit...

tl;dr: What about the idea of "sharing/discussing amv ideas"? especially ones you know you're never going to do

I've been almost exclusively to tool for the past 6 months now so I have an idea to almost every song, or at least some sort of trippy visual to it... they're just SO LONG though, and its not like some catchy pop song you can just snip a little bit to

Eulogy - Madoka: Imagine if Puella Magi had highlander rules instead...

Sober - sayonara zetsoubou sensei: the damn song lists traits of just about every character, and I always picture the teacher being in despair about...well, yeah.

Prison sex - ANYTHING: Dat screams to be tapped.

Rosetta stoned - Madoka, Haruhi, lain: What if they're just crazy instead of being gods? Started doing this with Haruhi, but it just turns out too long, (with the intro its almost 15 minutes!) and there's no real "climax" to the song...

Lateralus - Homestuck: I know its not anime, I just picture the two going together perfectly /DEEP

The Asteroids Galaxy Tour "golden age" - Abenobashi: I bet the original video "plot" could be re-made in the style of Shin's safety dance video

Gwen/Moby "south side" - Kino's Journey: Or just about any episodic show where they go places

Movie Title Would be one of the best multi-anime videos out there, use the most blatantly ______ character for each part

Cuil theory: Another not so AMVish one, I want to make a video showing off, well, cuil theory except I can't think of a good song that would go along with transitioning through cuils.

Anyway, I think all my ideas are probably a bit too "1/2 to 1 cuil" but I'm not really that blatantly creative. As I said before, I won't be too heartbroken if anyone does/doesn't use any of this... I was just hoping to start an idea discussion, along with trying to cull my "I wanna" list
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