IASIP episode audio AMV?

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IASIP episode audio AMV?

Postby cecilbdemented » Mon Mar 12, 2012 7:28 pm

Since I A) do not have time, 2) do not have the knowledge, and c) probably do not have the right equipment, I have never made an AMV before nor plan on making one in the forseeable future. This has not kept me, however, from having ideas for AMVs. One of my first was to take the audio from an entire episode of Aqua Teen Hunger Force and edit Fruits Basket to it (Tohru as Meatwad, Yuki as Frylock, Kyo as Master Shake, and Shigure as Carl). The only problem was that I couldn't find an episode too "normal" that could easily match up with the available Furuba footage. I promptly forgot about it when I saw something shiny and only recalled it when I finally I had a-m-v.org bookmarked.

Upon reflection of this idea, I have come to the conclusion that the idea may work...but with scenes from It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia. (Tohru as Sweet Dee, Yuki as Dennis, Kyo as Charlie, Shigure as Mac, and Akito* as Frank). Then I realized that this could also work for Persona 4 The Animation (mostly because I saw Chie as Sweet Dee and Yosuke as Charlie). Upon THIS realization, I searched the site and only found one video with tagged IASIP video, and that only used the "Nightman" song (no offense, editor). Where's the IASIP videos? Feel free to start making one...now.
Feel free to use any AMV ideas in any of my posts. All I ask is that I am cited as the "idea man."

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Re: IASIP episode audio AMV?

Postby zibbazabba905 » Tue Mar 13, 2012 8:51 am

These are really fun to make *COUGH*touhou dingo*COUGH* but the downside is that its a hard sell to either fan base, no matter how well they fit together *cough*

the upside to it however, is they don't require a lot of work or technical skill to do, and its a good way to get into making videos or what not... just slap some fanart/youtube clips into WMM with your favorite quotes (don't use entire episodes, it gets too long/boring and the joke is lost)
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