Giving away a bunch of ideas (possibly for an MEP).

This forum is for the sharing of AMV ideas and for help finding clips in anime to use in AMVs.
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Giving away a bunch of ideas (possibly for an MEP).

Postby That Guy You Met Once » Mon Sep 26, 2011 5:38 pm

It used to be a pie-in-the-sky dream of mine to put together a VJ set out of AMVs. But since I have no gear besides a mid-grade laptop, Adobe Audition, and an external HD, as well as no experience in the field, (not to mention I'm working on a comic) that's not happening... Unless it was a massive collaborative project, but that's still pretty unrealistic. I'm pretty good at audio editing, so I could mix the tracks, but finding people willing to do all the video work sounds like a pretty impossible task.

So I'm giving away a bunch of my ideas and getting on with my life. If anyone decides to actually make any of these, that would be amazing. Please send me links.

* Amon Tobin - People Like Frank + Monster
* DJ Shadow - Six Days + Grave of the Fireflies & Barefoot Gen
* Squarepusher - Planetarium + Metropolis
* DJ Krush - Still Island + MuShiShi
* Susumu Hirasawa - Meditational Field + All of Satoshi Kon's works.
* Tortoise - Seneca + Planetes, Voices of a Distant Star, and Wings of Honneamise
* Shugo Tokumaru - Typewriter Alternate Version + various Ghibli movies.
* Bola - Pae Paoe + Ghost In The Shell (Both movies + SAC)
* Aphex Twin - Didgeridoo + AKIRA

And a few for things that aren't exactly anime:

* Dir en Grey - Shinsou + IchiTheKiller
* Zongamin - Spiral + The Uzumaki movie
* Kavinsky - Testarossa Overdrive (SebastiAn Remix) + Gantz (Both animated and live action. More of the second.)

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