Best of 80's Heavy Metal MEP - Gauging Interest

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Best of 80's Heavy Metal MEP - Gauging Interest

Postby Paper_Bard » Fri Dec 25, 2009 3:11 pm

Alright so I happen to have this album ... B000LXSTQS

And I was wondering if anyone would be interested in doing an MEP using good old 80's metal songs.

If we want to take the best of the 80's rock AND metal, that's ok as well. I was just thinking I've got this album right here and I could mix it.

I understand that I haven't been active on this site for a while, and my older amvs aren't very good, but I've got new software and an itching to get back in the game, and I happen to love this kind of music.

I also have another idea, and I will be putting that one up as well and see which one gets the most attention.

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