Linkin Park vs. Within Temptation Megamix

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Linkin Park vs. Within Temptation Megamix

Postby Kokoro Hane » Thu May 15, 2014 2:46 pm

This is an idea I have always wanted to do. My favorite songs to edit with tend to be either from Linkin Park or Within Temptation, so I thought "Why not have a megamix using songs from these two bands?" It was something only me and my brother were going to do together, but since joining the site, I thought "why not host a MEP for it?" So I would like to see how many would be interested! Note; to make it easier to type, I will refer to the bands as LP and WT. NOTE: My brother doesn't yet have an account here, but he likes to be known as Searchlights, so I will list him as that here.

- Either a Linkin Park or Within Temptation song ONLY! (If it isn't claimed by another editor) I am aware some of LP's later songs had some cursing, if you have the clean version use that instead of the uncut.
- Songs cut no shorter than 20 seconds, no longer than 40.
- Audio quality no less than 128kbps, 44100Hz, stereo. No muffles or distortion, please use the song if it came from your CD or a place like Amazon MP3s.
- DVD-quality clips! HD will be scaled down. No severe interlacing or artifacting, and NO macroblocks. Don't use downloaded clips, please! And NO SUBTITLES! Only exception is if it is obviously part of the video's concept.
- No watermarks, logos, or editor title on the video, all clips should be clean.
- Widescreen, 852x480, square pixels, 30 frames (HD will be scaled, though we prefer if you export it at these specs). Anything at a 4:3 ratio, PLEASE CROP or do some kind of effect where it's within the widescreen format.
- No hentai, BL/GL, incest, or nudity.
- Violence and blood is OK, but no gore such as guts spilling out or ripping out spines, the like.
- Anime-only! The only non-anime accepted would be Avatar: Last Airbender and Korra. Repeating is accepted, so if someone else is using the same source you plan to, you can still use it!
- Accepted format; WMVs exported no less than 4 megabits per second. As someone with slow internet, I understand this may have to be done not to tie up your Internet. Constant bit rate only, no higher than 9 megabits.
- Editors should choose an anime character representation for themselves for the end credits of the video, so if a charrie you want is unclaimed, claim it (list name of character and where they are from).
- When video is done, send file via PM to me with a link to it at either Dropbox or Mediafire.

If interested to sign up, just give your editor name, name of anime, and what song you are using from LP or WT in a reply to this post as well as anime-like character representation for the end credits.

Kokoro Hane - Tsubasa OVAs - WT "A Shot in The Dark" - KAIKO (Vocaloid)
Searchlights - Rosario+Vampire - WT "The Truth Beneath The Rose"- KAITO (Vocaloid)

After receiving your entry, we will screen it to make sure it meets the qualification and rules. Once we feel we've received enough entries, we will put the video together and upload here at the org. If you have any questions, just ask!

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Re: Linkin Park vs. Within Temptation Megamix

Postby Animated » Thu May 15, 2014 3:59 pm

>Audio: Linkin Park/Within Temptation
>DVD Quality Rips
>852x480, square pixels, 30 frames
>Accepted format; WMVs


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