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The Seeking Mep

Postby FinalSouls » Tue Apr 08, 2014 11:10 am

Hello everyone i'm about to start a new project called seeking mep
making an mep out of their album yours forever
i liked it a lot that i wanted to make songs into a mep

if there is any seeking fans out there your welcome to join in
there is no deadlines to this project
however if the project come to a close that would be it
i will send out the songs if you need them
I already took my pick which is restless I like all the songs but if someone with better skills at editing wants it your welcome to it
here are all the tracks
Yours Forever
1 Only a Moment
2 Yours Forever
3 Restless
4 You Won't Bring Me Down
5 Narrow Lines
6 So Cold
7 Change My Ways
8 Take It From Me
9 How Did You Know?
10 Alone
I was thinking of maybe extending the video up to 15 to 20 mins depending on the situation
if your interested drop me a line
here ,e-mail or at my website

which still in the making

ps If nobody is interestd that fine as well
I don't making the project by myself
i thought it would be fun to have others join n get to know people here since i'm still up in the air here
This would come to past if the post gets locked and nobody replies


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