Sex! Hugs! Rock & Roll! -MEP [closed 10/16 done]

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Sex! Hugs! Rock & Roll! -MEP [closed 10/16 done]

Postby BungiJumpMeh1 » Sun Feb 02, 2014 12:26 am

Yeah that 1 is me xD
SO, this is my first mep and I found this song in my history and decided I wanted to make an amv, but you know I cant do a whole one xD So I wanted to do a mep! :D Please sign-up!

- Anime / Manga allowed
- No Game-play.
- Green screen at end of part of theres a mask please!
- No watermark / sig
- Please please Render your parts in at LEAST 720p! :) If you dont know how, by all means ask! (Just cause' you dont know how to do it doesnt mean your not a good editor so no worries man!)
- Maximum of 3 parts!
- Fill out form
- No wmm or wlmm editors.(Preferred only SV or AE) (sorry I want this professional, although if you prove to me you can make a kick-ass part with something else then SV and AE go ahead, but I cant take your word for it, your gonna have to show me before I give you the part!)
- This is NOT First come First serve. (Sorry but if two people ask for the same part I'm gonna give it to the better editor, (This does NOT mean if someone better comes along I'll give away your part, Once you have a part its yours!!! Unless you bail.. but we wont be doing that! right?!)
- Put 1(ONE) second of black screen behind, not before, (Does not imply to part 16 xD) (1second=30 keyframes)
- Video must be 16:9, although 1.85:1 will be accepted too,
- NO PLAGIARISM! I mean it!!
- Follow deadline, I can change it if you notify me AHEAD of time!
- I used alot of caps but I dont bite xD Just getting the message out!
-Please dont use the same anime as someone else!


Anime being used:
Character(for intro):
Will you be a back-up and take abandoned parts? (we wont have to do that right?!):

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