Infinite anime studio auditions

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Infinite anime studio auditions

Postby Kagacie » Sat Jul 27, 2013 10:22 am

so I made a MEP studio a while ago but had no one to audition yet :(
SOOOOO I thought why not try it here and see if anyone if willing to join :D

here is the link to the video

We are a MEP studio that will mostly edit in action but we will also edit in different styles.
You can learn from us as much as we can learn from you.
we just want a group of fun and interesting editors to work with and have a fun time and make fun amv's with.(yes lots of fun :P)

this is a list of what we prefer(leader of our anime page forced me once more -.-)
programs: all is allowed but Sony Vegas is easiest because our main editors works with that.
editing style: mostly action but we will do other styles as well
members : 5-8 people

there are hardly any rules
1. active and fun
2. respect towards the other editors
3. meet deadlines we can extend then but it would not be good if everyone had to wait for 1 person

rules for this audition

-Video time must be at least 15 seconds
-Anime only
-Yaoi/Yuri is allowed (Damn that leader -.-)
-No hentai/ecchi
'-video must be no older then 3 months
to join fill in this form

skype:(not required but is prevered)
character(will be used it credits ) :
back-up character( in case yours got taken) :
background color(for character):

video can be in a video response or a pm.

hope to have fun time ^^ :D

that's about it if you have any questions just place a comment or pm and we will respond as soon as possible for now I wish you best of luck

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Re: Infinite anime studio auditions

Postby BungiJumpMeh1 » Fri Oct 25, 2013 8:16 pm

I'd like to join! :)

Nickname: Well my user is BungiJumpMeh1 but a nickname I'm called is Bungi or Bungee
age: 14 (almost, a week :3 hope that's alright!)
skype: Don't have one but if its needed I can make one,
character: I don't understand this?
back-up character: ?
background color: still don't understand, but I like the color Orange or Green ^.^

I'm new to posting my videos, not to making them, I selected a clip from my amv that's being made and using the short clip from it!
PM me for info!

I have school til 4pm and I have dance on mondays 6:45 - 7:30, I did have volleyball but its finished, I will have badmiten soon so I'll tell you what 2 days are practice and games ^.^ Sometimes I'm super busy! sometimes I'm super not... I'm rendering and about to upload the short clip from my AMV (its not done :P) to YouTube,
I've always wanted to join a studio :) I've only been in one mep before though,soon it will be on Stormy Schau's channel on YouTube, (were awaiting 2 parts.)
I hope I can join but if I cant I completely understand!

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