Retrogradations MEP (on hold for now)

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Retrogradations MEP (on hold for now)

Postby Pocho_Love » Sat Oct 30, 2010 12:00 pm

Retrogradations Project

Part of the MSSA Trilogy:

Project MSSA (mine):
YT Link:
AMV Org Link:

MSSA 2 (Dia's):
YT Link: TBA
AMV Org Link: TBA

YT Link: TBA

This MEP will probably be the last of the trilogy. I am still not sure how many videos
should be in the whole MSSA trilogy. We'll see~ I found another bunch of songs from old animes
from the same artist. I just love her music so much that I have decided to host another
MEP with her music!! If you want more info, I will give it to you if you're chosen to take part.
I do not want any of my ideas stolen. The songs are from the 1980s-2000s, of course. I bet some
of the editors that have been here longer than I have must know a few of the songs. If you want
to ask a question it can be anything except who sings the songs (if you know don't tell anyone yet XD).

Youtube Link:

Part 1 of the remix:

Part 2 of the remix:

The reason this mix is so long is because It ended up this way lol. It is also 20 minutes.

Not the best mixing ever, I'll probably fix it. You can give me feedback on the mix if you want?

If you are interested, please post a reply saying you are interested, and why you
want to join. Also list any parts that you like. I will look at your Org profile and videos as well. I'll need about 16-30 editors for this. 8-15 editors from here
and 8-15 editors from YT. This MEP will commence around January-February. You have time to decide
whether you want to partake in this or not. C: I'll add more.

Image Fail banner for now. ;D

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