Image hosting sites.

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Image hosting sites.

Postby 76 » Sat Oct 25, 2008 1:59 am

This was originally meant as a thread to show members the different options they had for free image-hosting; listing all of the pros, cons and options for each. Following the completion of this thread I was going to ask for user-feedback and revise, eventually asking a mod to sticky the thread in-place for future reference.


I am too utterly sick of Photobucket to put work into this thread.

Seems like every single thread I browse, most of the pictures are hosted at Photobucket. Now, this wouldn't be so bad -I head Photobucket has great services, etc- if the pics would ever show up.

Every time I try to go to photobucket or view pics that are uploaded there in a thread, the site is always down! The images don't show because by some hell-sent miracle I fail to access the Photobucket servers.

I keep hearing how F-ing great photobucket is compared to Imageshack(everytime I boast imageshack's awesomeness, I hear "photobucket ftw echo" like a goddamned church organ) but I can't really confirmed these comments because the site is always fucking down! What's the deal??

I have never, ever failed to access Imageshack. I've had to register new nicks because I've filled one account up with photos, but never have I failed to access it entirely. I've always been able to promptly view the pictures.

What is the fucking deal with Photobucket? Why is it always down? It is just me, my computer or something else?

I'd like this to be clarified so that I can either sign-off of photobucket for good, or fix the problem so that I can conform to the PB bastards who are always bragging it over IS.
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Postby Pas » Sat Oct 25, 2008 2:05 am

Thread's over guys, we've found the best image host now.

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