Mister Anime Universe Swimsuit/Topless Contest

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Postby h_dk_m » Sat Oct 04, 2008 7:55 am

I have no idea what the hell is this...but whatever...

L - u_queen
Alucard – The Origonal Head Hunter
Sousuke Sagara – wurpess
Lelouch Lamperouge – CodeChrono
Link - Immorrel
Edward Elric - megaman917
Jakotsu – 8bit_samurai
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Postby megaman917 » Sun Oct 05, 2008 1:46 am

*Megaman's fierce mech battle, of epic proportions, with Bob, ended with Megaman's & Co.'s victory. However the final attack sent Megaman and his mech on a collision course to Earth. At the last minute, he was able to redirect his fall and crashed right outside the convention hall, destroying Head Hunter's Zaku (which was parked right there) in the process. Everyone in the convention hall hears the crash. Megaman emerges from the flaming wreckage and enters the convention hall*

Megaman: My votes are:
Alucard – The Origonal Head Hunter
Lelouch Lamperouge – CodeChrono
Sousuke Sagara – wurpess
Naruto Uzumaki – AaronAMV
L Lawliet/Ryuzaki – u_queen
Pharoah Atemu – DivineQueenYeiweh
Link - Immorrel

Megaman: One more thing....


*steps out for a few minutes*
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Postby The Origonal Head Hunter » Sun Oct 05, 2008 1:57 am

Hunter: Just so we're fair and balanced here, voting will continue until next Friday. Then we will be moving onto the next portion of the competition, the Talent Contest.

Oh, and for those of you at home trying to keep score and wondering just how their favorite man is doing... Alucard is in 3rd.

Seras: Sir, I don't think that's quite fair...

Hunter: Fair? Fair!? Oh fine... Here's the current totals:

<s>Private Powell</s> Sousuke - 15
Lulu - 14
Dracula - 13
The Letter L - 12
<s>Weakest</s> Link - 12
Mr. Ed - 11
Walk Like Atemu - 10
Sweet Transves- Jakotsu - 9
That Maid Guy - 7
Admiral Ackbar's Jun - 4
BELIEVE IT!!! Naruto - 3
Volcanic Ash - 2
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Postby wurpess » Sun Oct 05, 2008 3:25 am

*SGM Mao and Kurtz crash through the back door of the auditorium carrying a large ammo case between them*

Mao: Ok, what did we miss? *looks at screen* Hmmm, I guess he isn't doing so bad on his own. Let's go find him.

*Kurtz and Mao make their way to the front to go backstage. When they reach Sousuke's changing area, they walk into the scene of Sakaki (wearing a tiara and black evening gown with a plunging neckline), Yomi, Chiyo and Osaka sitting off to the side, with Kaorin hanging on Sakaki. Wurpess, Tomo, and a shirtless Sousuke are in a heap on the floor, Sousuke trying to reach his shirt which is in Wurpess' hand. Kurtz and Mao put the trunk down loudly.*

Mao: Well, it looks like you already have a cheering squad.

Sousuke: *Gets up hastily and stands at attention* SGM, this isn't what it looks like.

Wurpess: *Gets up, still holding Sousuke's shirt* Actually, I'm Wurpess, Sousuke's sponsor for the contest. These girls here are friends of Sakaki's, whom I sponsored in the MISS Anime Universe contest along with Kaorin.

Kurtz:*Goes over and puts his arm around Sakaki* Miss Anime Universe, huh?


Kurtz: Ok, ok. Anyway, we're just here to offer support to our comrade here. *Opens the ammo case, revealing photo albums and large stacks of photos* We've collected pictures from everyone who knows Sousuke. Let's start with this one. This one is from Miss Kaname Chidori. *hits the remote and the picture is shown on the screen*


Sousuke: :oops: That was supposed to be private. That picture was only meant for Miss Chidori.

Mao: Oh really? So is this one supposed to be private too? *Takes the remote and hits the button*


Sousuke: *gulp* Affirmative.
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Postby mirkosp » Sun Oct 05, 2008 3:31 am

Things ain't be looking good for kogarashi and jun... :?
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Postby Pas » Sun Oct 05, 2008 3:40 am

The world isn't ready for Jun lol.

Anyway, my money's on Sousuke.
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Postby 8bit_samurai » Sun Oct 05, 2008 5:21 am

Jakotsu: Hey, 8bits. What's a trans vez?

8bit_samurai: It's... umm... hmm... Something complicated... I'll explain later. It appears we're one vote behind, but then again we got a week. Hmm...
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Postby SilversLightning » Sun Oct 05, 2008 6:26 am

DQY: C'mon Atemu! ish teh smex god satified with that?!?! STRIP!!!! Strip like your life depended on it!!!!

Atemu: You already have my shirt, which I want back....

DQY: and you won't get it back 'till you show off your smexyness


DQY: Yesh show off them smexy legs!


DQY: Hey it's fake snow but it's still teh smexy


DQY: A smile is the ultimate of smexy


DQY: and just coming out of the bath is the smexiest smexy!
Atemu: Hey when you got it, flaunt it
DQY: Now you're catching on! *^_^*
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Postby CodeZTM » Sun Oct 05, 2008 2:44 pm

Code: Lulu, we're in second place! :O

Lulu: I'm surprised really...

Code: Me too! I thought you'd be out in like the prelims.

Lulu: What?

Code: Nothing! Nothing! Uh... Should we do some campaigning?

Lulu: Sure, why not. It'd be fun!

Code: Good, now please go put this, this and this on.

Lulu: Ok...

*goes behind curtain*

Code: Suazku, do me a favor please?

Suzaku: Sure, whatever you'd like! *whisper whisper*


Lulu: Uh... Code, I think something's wrong. This is just my regular school uniform....

Suzaku: NOPE! Come on Lulu, let's dance!


Suzaku: Wasn't that fun Lulu!


Code: Suzaku, you and Lulu go and hurry up and change into the next outfit!

Suzaku: gotcha! *drags Lulu into changing room & back out*



Suzaku: GOTCHA!


Code: I think that should get those last few naysayers! But just in case....


(Editors note outside of competition: Deviantart is like my best friend :D Also, I think it's ok to do multiple characters in the campaigning part, as long as it's not in the main competition, right? If not, I'll take down those pics. :O)
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Postby u_queen » Sun Oct 05, 2008 4:55 pm

u_queen: Congrats, Ryuzaki! We're in fourth place.

Ryuzaki: I know it.

u_queen: Aren't you happy? :(

Ryuzaki: We should be in the first place, I can't allow myself to loss even if it's in a contest like this one. What we need is a change of perspective. Watari, I need an image counselor.

u_queen: Not so fast! I already got someone for that. Come on.

Misa: Hiii, everybody!
Ryuzaki: :?

Misa: Misa heard you wanted some advises about you image. You really need it, we can't waste time, let's start.


*u_queen stares*

Misa: Hey! Can you let Misa do her work? You have to leave us alone.

*u_queen goes out and waits some minutes behind the door. The place is silent. After ten minutes she starts to think it wasn't good idea to bring Misa, especially because Light could handle her a Death Note, and this could be a trap. Watari is outside, he went for some sweets. It could be too obvious if they die in the moment, but still is frightening. U_queen opens the door hastily*


Misa: It seems you couldn't wait. What do you think?

u_queen: .... *nosebleed*

Ryuzaki: I don't like suits.


Misa: Misa didn't ask to you.

Ryuzaki: I'm going to undress...


Misa: You can't do that in form of two ladies! *pushes L to the bed, pushes u_queen outside the room*


u_queen: ....I think, that's enough for the moment. Thank you, Misa.
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Postby Emong » Mon Oct 06, 2008 7:55 am

Okays, well..

ImageImage > All :P

Well, granted, his hair is absolutely terrible but... nice body :P *nosebleed*

I think ima cast my votes:
-Edward Elric
-L (well.. I guess he has potential to be sexy :lol: )
-Alucard (because goths rock)
-Lelouch Lamperouge

And.. uh..

random three:
-Sousuke Sagara
(Ok, I don't really like either of these but the options are too limited dammit!)
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Postby Krisqo » Mon Oct 06, 2008 9:34 pm

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Postby Autraya » Tue Oct 07, 2008 1:08 am

Lelouch Lamperouge <--- yeees maaaster I vooote for you
Sousuke Sagara <-- likes to hanndle guns
Alucard <-- little gun , but lotsa firepower
Kogarashi <--- who is that anyway o.O
L Lawliet/Ryuzaki <--- lol the fanart is better than the official stuff
Link <--- I dubb thee Mr Kinky ears
Edward Elric <--- if not for being vertically challenged his abbs would make a spartan proud

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Postby 8bit_samurai » Tue Oct 07, 2008 3:24 am

8bit_samurai: hmm...

Jakotsu: Hmm?

8bit_samurai: Things aren't looking too good.

Jakotsu: What?

8bit_samurai: hmm...

Jakotsu: Damnit, you say that too much. What are you planning?

8bit_samurai: Let's campaign a lil

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Postby The Origonal Head Hunter » Wed Oct 08, 2008 11:16 am

2 days left, if you haven't voted, do so quickly!
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