inuyasha movie 3 screencaps

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Postby MarcellaRyoko » Tue Jun 21, 2005 9:32 pm

.....can I give a hint??? No one is really readin this right now anyway.....okay, so not a hint.......but can I give something away?

Okay, all you peoples who don't wanna get spoiled!!!!


Here goes...turn back if ya don't wanna!



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Postby inuyashacrys111 » Mon Aug 01, 2005 2:14 pm

i love those images but it sucks i only seen the first movie cause i have no money to buy the other movies.
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Postby TruIdiotsPlaysmArt » Wed Aug 10, 2005 8:53 pm

haha anyone got of pics of the baby inu yasha? he was soooooooooooooo cute!!
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Postby xchobitz2miyu » Thu Aug 11, 2005 2:09 pm

The third movie is coming out in September... poorly subbed english ones are out in certain anime/manga stores...

I personally like the third movie :wink:

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Postby Silvyfirst » Mon Oct 10, 2005 2:15 pm

Be aware that this might be some kind of spoiler!
But I think that most of you out there have already seen the third movie... it has already been dubbed in Italian! :D And so I suppose that also English dubbing has already been done!

Anyway... I think that the first 8 minutes of the 3rd movie are the best moments of all the Inu Yasha's series and 4 movies... it's so cute to see Inuyasha's father and mother together, young Sesshoumaru chatting with his dad and above all... baby Inuyasha crying like most babies do, and receiving his name, chosen by his father...

And... in front of this picture, who (among Inuyasha's fans) wouldn't say: KAWAII!!


Aaaaaaaaaah... ^.^ so cute!!
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