EPS SUMMARY ON (kagome kidnapped by the wolf demon kouga)

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EPS SUMMARY ON (kagome kidnapped by the wolf demon kouga)

Postby Killer_Girl » Sat Feb 12, 2005 6:48 pm

:D Sesshomaru was resing after almost being killes by Inuyasha.Ten an orphan girl named Rin keeps bing him food and water.He tells her he doesn't need human food.Then she goes off and steals fish fo him, and the village men start hitting her.The she goes and gives the fish to Sesshomaru.He asks her where she got the wounds,she laughs,Sesshomaru wants to know what's so funny,and he says he doesn't care,the he was just curious.Then she goes back to the village.When she got to the hut she lived in she saw a man eating her and the village man she stayed with's food.He asked if she lived here, and when she said yes he left.Just the Kouga (or Koga)and his wolves found the man,and Kouga asked if he really thought he wouldn't fing him.Kouga took the jewl shards that the man stole from him,put them in his legs and one in his right arm,the man thanked Kouga for sparing his life,but the Kouga told his wolves to feed on the villagers until they can't eat any more.As Rin watched the man and village get eaten by wolves the ran to where Sesshomaru was,but she tripped over a rockand was bit to death.Sesshomaru went toword the village, saw Rin,tested his sword Tensuaga,and revived her.Then they all walked off.Inuyasha's group got to the village and started killing he wolves.As the wolves were being slayen they howled,and the rest howled as they ran off.All of a sudden a tornado can up and Kouga came out of it.He asked who they tought they were to be killing his wolves.Kagome told Inuyasha about the jewl shards he had.Kouga relized Kagome could she the shards so he called his wolves and they surrounded Inuyasha's group,and Attacked Inuyasha.Kouga took Kagome and ran off.Shippo grabed on to Kouga's tail to try and stop him, but he failed.Kagome started screaming,Kouga told her to stop,but she said she could scream all she wanted.When they got to Kouga's den all the wolf demons wanted to eat Kagome,but Kouga said if any of them tried to even bite her he would kill em.Kouga told Kagome that he wouldn't hurt her, and they needed her help.Kouga looked at his tail,saw Shippo,told the others they could eat him,but Kagome said if they wanted her help they couln't hurt Shippo.Inuyasha and the others were looking for Kagome and Shippo when they saw and herd Shippo's tracking mushrooms, and they followed them.When there was no more mushroom they were attacked by the wolf demon's enemies the Bird of Paradise.Kouga was starting to like Kagome more and more every minute.Inyasha and the onthers finally defeated the birds of paradise that attacked them and continued there search.To find out more look at sumury 37 The Man Who Fell in Love With Kagome. Later . Please tell me if u think this is a good summary.
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Postby Kouga20xx » Wed Feb 23, 2005 10:42 pm

pretty good lol ive seen better but those are from the people who watch the episode over 5000 times and memorize all the quotes (that'l impress ur girlfreind/boyfreind lol)
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Postby Killer_Girl » Thu Feb 24, 2005 8:59 pm

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