Fav Inu Moments/Eps?

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Postby TetsusiagaSlayer14 » Sat Jan 15, 2005 2:35 pm

LOL. Yeah if u just take a glance at my name ull know how to spell it rite! For i had to go and do research just to make sure i didnt spell it wrong :P
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Postby hanyou21 » Mon Jan 24, 2005 10:48 am

Hanyou's best Inu moments: [SPOILER WARNING]

1) Hmmm...sooooo many choices to choose from...I think my vote goes to when Inu uncovers the Bakarhuyya (sp? my bad), aka Backlash Wave against Ryoukotsei. So much power and good animation.
2) Inu's fight with Kagome's bike - cmon ppl, that's just a classic Inuism, to get into a fight with an inanimate object...
3) Sango and Miroku going into Mt. Harekui and vowing to "die together"...I'm a guy, but even that got to me, especially considering how shy Sango is when it comes to her liking for Mir.
4) Inu and Sesshy pwning Naraku after the Red Tetsusaiga power has been given to Inu and Sesshy begins using Tokijin's superpower - the look on Naraku's face was classic, it's just too bad he survives.
5) Ep. 167 where Kag saves Inu from going full demon and Inu gives the stone ogre a taste of powered up Kongosouha. Heartburn!

You know, I wish ppl in the mainstream anime community would give Inuyasha a little respect...almost every Inu video I see is crappy, with subtitles and low-quality graphics and generally bad storyboards, but if they were to watch the anime instead of berate it they make like it. Oh well, at least when the entire series gets onto DVD we may finally have some grand Inu AMVs to brag about here. :)

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