gits: sac epi 10

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gits: sac epi 10

Postby The_Collection » Mon Nov 29, 2004 10:54 pm

ghost in the shell: stand alone complex, episodes: 10, jungle cruise.
oh my, that was mind blowing! do you think people that come back from war act like that for real? that was crazy! at first i thought she was just wearing a red t-shirt, i didnt know what really happened to her! :shock: :o man, that was the sickest thing i saw on there so far! (even tho thay didnt show to much of it) your thoughts about it?
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Postby bobbarker31 » Thu Dec 02, 2004 12:39 am

Sadly, some do. It is not indemic of any particular war or every veteren that sees combat. The ones that have seen or have done terrible things are the last people ever to talk about it. There are American World War II vets that are just now starting to talk about what they saw. Most come back and live normal lives. There are a few that come back and never adjust back and are mostly self destructive. Very, very few if ever act out what they saw or did on other people when they return.

The tactic is an old one that goes back hundreds of years. For the longest of times, armies met on battlefields fought one another, but little ever happened to the civilian populace. America Union General Sherman was one of the first to go after the civilian populace in order to break the "will to fight". He announced that "War is Hell" and started his campaign to the sea using "scorched Earth" in order to break the Confederates.

The Nazi's used a similar tactic to break the will of towns in Eastern Europe during WWII. They employed military units called "Einsatz Gruppen" specially trained in such matters. The Viet Cong also used these techniques against the South Vietnamese and their sympathizers. Americans used fire bombing against the Germans and the Japanese. Not to pick on any one particular country for doing it. It is enough to say that if the country had the capibility, they have used these techniques at one time or another.

And if you are an average person in your country's service and you do such things, you are never going to go home quite the same again.
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