Aishiteruze Baby Final Episode (26)

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Aishiteruze Baby Final Episode (26)

Postby Garylisk » Tue Oct 12, 2004 1:01 am

Spoilers ahead...

Am I the only one that not only feels let down, but quite frankly, insulted by this episode?

First off, WHAT THE F*CK kind of ending was that? How does that give the series any kind of closure whatsoever? It's the same kind of stuff that happens in normal episodes, except it was a two-parter with slightly more substance.

spoiler wrote: First thing, Yuzuyu realizes that she's forgotten her Mother's face, and because of that, wants to wear the Pajamas her mom made her, even though they are too small. So then, attempts are made to make her change her mind, ultimately ending in the sleeve getting torn. Yuzuyu is sad, Kippei goes to fix the sleeve, and there's some tension. We've already had the situation a few eps back with Kokoro and her mother issues, so we know now that she and Yuzuyu are in similar situations. So, it eventually comes to be that Kokoro picks up Yuzu from school instead of Kippei, and they talk at the park. There's some tenderness, and Kokoro bonds wth Yuzu finally, and all is well on that front. Plus, Yuzu realizes that it's not right to keep wearing those outgrown pajamas. So the two go home, Kippei's waiting, Kippei's family instantly loves Kokoro.

Meanwhile, Kippei's sister goes to where she has discovered that Yuzu's mom is hiding out. They talk, and Yuzu's mom says she wants to see Yuzu really badly, but she can't until she "stops being a coward" - meaning, to her, that she stops crying all the time about her dead husband. Nothing is really resolved, sister leaves, yadda yadda.

Back at home, Kippei, Yuzu, and Kokoro go to sleep together in Kippei's bed.

Roll end credits...

Clip after the credits. Yuzu wakes up, some unimportant stuff happens, Kippei's sister thinks back on the conversation she had with Yuzu's mom.

New screen pops up, text appears reading "Thank you for watching Aishiteruze Baby!"


WHAT THE FUCK?!?!?!?!?!

I swear, if there's not more episodes planned, like an OVA, or a movie, or another season... I'm SERIOUSLY going to be very upset.. Right now I'm just mildly pissed. Like.. Man... I haven't been this pissed at an ending since I watched the last episode of "Interlude"

Anyone feelin' me on this? What a let down!
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Postby Brass Fish » Tue Oct 12, 2004 5:06 pm

I feel your pain so deeply ..........can you feel mine too ? :cry:
26 eps for that ?? :?
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Postby Alucard_FoN » Tue Nov 02, 2004 7:21 pm

Yeah seriously what the fuck. Would it have been so hard to write an ending where Yuzu's mom either comes back for her or abandons her forever. The second one would have been a sad ending but at least it would have given closure. The offhanded ending we were given instead is bullshit.

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calm down

Postby happiee_gurl » Fri Nov 19, 2004 1:41 pm

calm down u guys i know that its a simple ending and i can feel ur pain 2 huhuhuh we were so excited that kokoro and kippei will be together but yuzuyu always get kippei's attention and kippei dont have time for kokoro ,well kokoro is such a nice person she gives way fior yuzuyu imagine ur boyfriend is wth someone and take note kippei told kokoro that he'll call her but it end up that he didn't call her even once how sad.......the ending should have been kokoro kippei and yuzuyu live together then the two couples became yuzuyu's parents haha lol i want to change the ending if i just can but o well its okay we cant do anything bout it now its all done lets face the thruth huhuhuhuhu its sad thoughlol

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Postby Alucard_FoN » Mon Nov 22, 2004 6:55 pm

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Postby kagamikun » Wed Dec 29, 2004 6:06 pm

I honestly didn't think it was that bad...

Here's why:

Aishiteruze Baby seemed to me to be more about character development and conflict resolution than the exact plot I think. We see Kippei as a much more mature person, we know exactly WHY Yuzuyu was left with Kippei in the first place, Kokoro and Kippei's relationship has matured and is working out, Yuzuyu accepts Kippei's and Kokoro's relationship, Kokoro seems alot more able to deal with her emotions, Miki is no longer seriously suicidal, Shouta's mother is working out her anger/child-abuse issues, Yuzuyu is still a child but she seems to have grown-up a bit and is dealing with her abandonment. All the subplots have been wrapped up for the most part and things seem to be ok or approaching ok for everyone in the show.

The only thing the series doesn't really wrap up is if Yuzuyu's mother ever comes back- and if she does, how Yuzuyu deals with it after spending so much time apart, which I'm assuming could be because they didn't want to make up an ending for a manga still running? (or something)

But all the other conflicts seem dealt with. The characters have worked through or attempted/started to deal with most of their issues. Even Yuzuyu's mother has started to deal with hers. I was satisfied by the ending because what I thought the show was mainly about seems concluded, but maybe that's just me.

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