Noir episode 25 (SPOILERS)

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Postby Jnzk » Tue Mar 30, 2004 4:01 pm

HeartbreakerByZep wrote:The way that Koroe died was very tragic and sad... pitiful even. #25 is likely my favorite Noir episode, with 26 following and then probably 24.

25 is my favourite too. It's like the saddest thing in my anime watching history. I've seen the whole series about 6 or 7 times now and that moment makes me weep everytime.

I think I feel sadder for Kirika than Chloe in that scene though. Chloe's death was quite predictable after all, but it was just so unbelievably depressing to see Kirika lose the first person she could connect with, who shared the same memories and had endured the same hard and ruthless training. A childhood friend.

I'll go to a dark corner to cry now. :cry:

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Postby HeartbreakerByZep » Tue Mar 30, 2004 5:18 pm

OOPS called her "koroe" I guess it doesn't help me to be inconsistent when calling her Kuroe....

Anyway It definetly was tragic for Kirika too, especailly when Mireiyu asked if she was okay, but for me personally it was more tragic for Kuroe. Kirika's still got a life ahead of her, but Kuroe doesn't. Of course death is the only way to conquer death, and it's usually worse for those still living then it is for the deceased, I guess Kuroe wasn't in too bad of a place, but just the tragic-ness of her life touches me deeply. For one thing she was killed by her kindred partner whom inspired her to be what she was. What's more, she was sent to her death by Arutena, clearly her mother figure. Plus she was chosen to die in favor of Mireiyu, which I'm guessing wouldn't make Kuroe happy. And finally Kuroe never really did things for herself, she was always living for Arutena or Kirika.
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end of Noir

Postby alias_ludi » Mon Dec 20, 2004 10:40 am

O.k. the thread is about ep25, but most of the discussion is about the two shots at the end of the final episode 26. I'd like to ad some thoughts about the ending, but unfortunately they got quite lengthy and i decided to put them on my website. If you're interested in some detailed discussion of that topic have a look at

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