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Postby Daio Kaji » Thu Jun 24, 2004 9:33 am

yeah i guess i do, just since it's my favorite anime and i like to see the characters happy

but i just kinda got this thought

maybe Asuka isn't supposed to have her crazies cured, shinji was the main character and the most vulnerable, so of course he had his mental demons curred, but Asuka was a lot more stubborn, so maybe she's supposed to stay that way to kinda make a point... in EoTV anyway

but then again, it's shown at many times that many of the characters are essentially the same mentally, if you remember during the last episodes, they'd play pieces of dialogue from the series, but they'd be said to someone different than they were initially said, for example

in the series, Kaoru tells Shinji 'you are afraid of any kind of inital contact aren't you? yes it's true that by keeping urself at a distance, you avoid having a someone take advantage of you, but you must remember that you must endure the loneliness. Man can never completely erase the loneliness, because every man is fundamentally alone' (not exact, it's from memory)
but in EoTV, Kaoru says this again, but for Asuka instead, so that parallels the characters and i guess is enough to say that every character deserves to not have the crazies :razz:
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