My Angelic Layer AMV

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My Angelic Layer AMV

Postby DeraGallilean » Tue Oct 22, 2002 1:46 pm

Hello! I wanted to let people know that I have my AMV available for people to see now. It's based on the anime: Angelic Layer and done to the song: "Watch Me Shine."

I really need some honest opinions on it (i.e.:good or bad), especially since it is my first AMV. You can either look for it in the search area which this site so wonderfully provides or go to it here: [url]http:://[/url]

Either way you will be directed to where I am keeping the video. Thanks for your time. ^_^

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We have questons.

Postby Bahamut God » Tue Oct 22, 2002 1:51 pm

Would it matter if I have seen anglic layer (which I have not)

EX. Spoilors, or if it's dramatic and you need to know the anime to understand the video.
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Postby DeraGallilean » Tue Oct 22, 2002 1:58 pm

Hopefully, you won't have needed to see it. Then again, when I showed it to my sister she ended up asking me a number of questions and then watching the episodes I downloaded off the internet.

To answer the inquiry about spoilers - Yes, there are spoilers. The video begins at the beginning of the series and continues through the battles the heroine of the story till the end of the series.

If you are bothered by AMVs dealing with mostly action/fights then you probably don't want to watch this one. I did not insert many 'normal' scenes.

If you need to know anything else, I can respond to this message for another half hour (college classes...).

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Location: If I figure that out, I'll let you know.

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