Revenge is sweet!

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Revenge is sweet!

Postby Andymion » Sun Sep 01, 2002 4:36 pm

Hey, y'all. I've got another video on my site (yes, already). It's actually a remake of my first video, so I already had most of it laid out, I just fixed some of the *ahem* problems that people were talking about (too slow for the music).

The song is AAF's "Smooth Criminal" (the original video was made before I even knew that the AMV creating community was as large as it was, so don't bust me for lack of originality, or tell me that there are better AAF songs out there, please, since I chose this song based on the original version by Michael Jackson years back ^_^), and the anime is Noir. You'll need a version of real player that can handle real video 8. If you have realplayer 8 or better (some would argue about how much better realone is), you're good.

If you like it (or don't), I welcome your comments, and especially reviews on Check it out!


P.S. - Don't let the small file size fool you. The video quality is actually outstanding for any realvideo file, especially one that's barely 10 megs.
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