First SaiKano Music Video Ever...

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First SaiKano Music Video Ever...

Postby RoryTate » Fri Jul 26, 2002 12:22 am

I know it's the first SaiKano AMV, 'cause I had to enter "SaiKano" as a new choice for "Anime" ("Saishuu Heiki Kanojo" or "SaiKano"? Arg!). It's nice to be the first to get a crack at a great new series, with only two episodes of it being fansubbed at the point when this video was finished. How did I make a 4 minute video with only 2 eps? Well, here's the page with all the info:

As everyone else notes, feedback and opinions are certainly not prohibited in any way, so please do share your thoughts. I have a few choice criticisms about it myself...but once again I am finding the process of creating the AMV to be infinitely more exciting than trying to push the release of the final product... So it's not tough to be objective right now and laugh at the video's rough spots...

If you have problems with the ftp links, and really want to see the video, feel free to message me with some other method that might be better. Enjoy!

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Well according to the Elite-Fansubs...

Postby KLin » Fri Jul 26, 2002 5:43 pm

It's Saishuheiki Kanojo, although personally I think they might be missing out on a Kanji or two. The kanji for soldier or 'heiki' is planted in the middle with two more characters to go before the final kanji for female or girl 'kanojo' So... either title may or may not be correct. :) Don't worry if you have to re-enter the name, the database is rife with different names for the same series. (i.e. Gundam X is the same thing as After War: Gundam X) And then there's series that have totally different names once they are translated to English: Rouruni Kenshin - Samurai X, Houshin Engi - Soul Hunter, etc. It's a wonder that Anime fans even know what the heck each series is called. 0_o

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