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New Hellsing Video

Postby captainyoyo22 » Tue Jul 23, 2002 11:40 pm

I proudly present a Hellsing video that isn’t action-packed ride of Alucard kicking Anderson’s big ol’ priest-like butt.

While things were blowing up and people getting killed, I, being the oh-so girlie girl I am, was thinking about the triangle between Alucard, Integral, and Victoria. Not even necessarily a love triangle or anything, but just the relationship of master/subordinate.

Then I made it into a video!

Victoria (I don’t even want start arguing on how to spell her last name) was my favorite character, and it amazed me how well she took this strange man coming up to her and changing her life without a second thought. I love how she can never know what exactly she is to him—is she just another of his subordinate, someone that comes and goes? Did he only bite her to save her life; does he do that to everyone he kills? Would it have made a difference if she wasn’t a beautiful young girl? Throw in Alucard’s relationship with Intergal in the picture, and Vic’s one bottle of confused emotions. That’s what I tried to portray in the video, with the help of Our Lady Peace’s wonderful song, “Do You Like It?”

This is my first AMV, and my first time making myself known in an broad artistic community (see my tentative wave!). I had a boatload of fun making this video, and now that I have my foot in the door, I might just hang around to harass everyone! :D

Please enjoy!


Download the .AVI directly
Read some more of my rambling, and check out the video specs first.
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Postby Kika-chan » Tue Jul 23, 2002 11:58 pm

yes!! semi alucardxvictoria!! *huggles* i'm downloding it now!!

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