finally (repost)

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finally (repost)

Postby imadude » Tue Jul 23, 2002 7:01 am

ok after punching myself in the face repeadetly i put this in the right place if you saw this post in the genreral amv im saying to get my videos contact me on yahoo mess. my handle is luisgauna2529 and i made 2 new vids tell me if i stole a name of your vid so i can change it

1. tenchi loves them bitches ( tenchi muyo/bowling for soup- bitch song)

2. Invader zims posse (invader zim/insane clown posse-hokus pokus

3.when it all goes wrong in anime (various anime/everclear-when it all goes wrong better get up (various anime/jimmies chicken shack-lazy boy dash

5.there all kung fu fighting (ranma 1/2 & dbz/kung fu fighting)

6.anime is dead (various anime/marilyn manson-rock is dead)

7.tenacious tenchi (tenchi muyo/tenacious d-keilbasa)

8.ryokos bad day (tenchi muyo/fuel-bad day)

9.stick em up (various anime/quarashi-stick em up

10.right now (various anime/sr-71-right now

11.weird lil video (cardcaptors/unwritten law-seein red

12.Living dead girls (armitage III & Iria/rob zombie-living dead girls (remix)

13.excels friends over you (excel saga/newfound glory-my friends over you)

14.invader zim and gir are juggalos (invader zim/icp-what is a juggalo)

15.falling in love with anime (cardcaptors &tenchi muyo/a*teens-falling in love with you)(elvis remake)

16.a dream like li (cardcaptors/s-club7-never had a dream)

17.the things they do 9various anime/bush-speed kills)

18.fear in loathing in cagliostro 9lupin III castle of cagliostro(i think)/ rolling stones-jumping jack flash

19.hell nah (various anime/nappy roots-ah nah(POD remix)

20. terrible scenes in anime(terrible meaning violent) (various anime/icp-terrible)

to let you know i used windows movie maker and i hope people d.load em and give me feedback thx

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