PLEASE READ: About this forum

This forum is for dropping messages to moderators. Since moderators are hidden, the message will be removed when the message has been acknowledged.
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PLEASE READ: About this forum

Postby Phade » Mon Oct 20, 2003 9:50 pm

Hey All,

This forum is for passing messages to the forum moderators. As such, there are a few limitations to this forum:

* Only moderators can and site admins can modify or remove posts. This is the purpose of this forum. If a forum post breaks the site rules, let the moderators know about it by dropping a note here including a link to the post. Moderators will get to it when they can and do something about it.

* Moderators cannot answer questions. This means that questions asked here will be ignored. If you need some help, use the "Site Help" forum.

* Moderators can remove local download files that break the upload rules. If you find a local video file that contains sexual nudity or is graphically violent, paste a link to the video entry here. A moderator will download the video, view it for content, and possibly remove the download if it crosses the line.

* Repeating requests will not get them done any faster. Moderators will leave a message in the forum until it has been taken care of.

* Chatting in this forum is pointless. Once a message is here, it's only destination is removal and you will never see it again.

I hope this helps. Good luck and have fun!! ^_^


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